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My name is Duncan Prestbury and I am theCo-Founder of ganzfeld music, along with Rob Murray. I have a background of making music through various bands, and projects, as keyboard player, writer, performer, engineer, and producer, and have over fifty releases to date, including releases in the Uk (various labels, Spain (Humus collective), and Japan (Sony records, Disc Union, and various others)

I was a prominant writer and arranger with manchester band the Jazz Defektors

I have been a member of PRS for over two decades, and have co-produced work with Paul Wellar , and Jerry Dammers.

I have also been writing and producing, and engineering my own music for the last ten years. I have been lecturing in music production, as well as composition, for many years for the Manchester College.

I am an Honours graduate in Time Based Media from the the University of Central lancashire, where I made my own videos, including visual content, and music, as well as performances and installations.

I have a passion for composing, and love working with visual media

I first met Rob Murray, when he played bass for a while with the jazz defektors, then after many years bumped into each other again, and have been collaberating on many projects ever since. His solid bass playing is a tour de force within Ganzfeld music

As well as my own musical and technical skills I have contacts with many other musicians to deliver music for any brief

Ganzfeld Music is opening for business in 2011, and offers a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between.

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Hello! Welcome to the online home of ganzfeldmusic

We are a music production company based in Manchester. We can provide music for any type of media, from short films, adverts, music for computer games, to documentaries and feature films, as well as music for company media presentations. We can work to a wide variety of briefs and styles, from electronic, acoustic, to full orchestral scores. We are a new company and are currently keen to establish ongoing working relationships with media conpanies, and so are amenable to discuss and negotiate fees with special rates for first time customers.

If you are interested in what you hear drop us an EMail and commission us to work on your project now.

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